Auragen™ Light & Sound System

The highest quality light and sound therapy, all-in-one comprehensive benefits, robust features, durable for many years of home or office use.
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  •  3 Proprietary Multi-Wavelength Programs Combining  
    • Blue-Turquoise, Red, and Near-Infrared Light
    • 300+ High Radiance Super LEDs
  • 2 Brainwave Entrainment Modes - Light and Sound*
    • Synchronized Gamma - Improve Memory and Concentration
    • Theta - Deeply Rest and Relax
  • 8 Beautiful Music Tracks* 
  • 2 Position Rotating Canopy
  • Lightweight and Portable at 6lbs.
  • Treatment Area 17"x 9"
  • Medical Grade Power Cord and AC Adapter
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty - Extended Warranty Available
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee  


Now available in US and Canada. Soon to be available in EU and other CE countries. Check back with us or email us to be put on an international wait list:

formerly called the DreamSpa Light System  


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