Auragen™ Light & Sound System

Advanced Photobiomodulation with Brainwave Entrainment 

All-In-One Wellness Solution

Professional Grade Light Therapy
Red, NIR, Turquoise Light
3 Multi-Light Wave Modes
Music and Nature Tracks
40Hz Gamma Brainwave Entrainment
Theta Brainwave Entrainment

Comprehensive Benefits

Increase Energy
Relieve Stress
Enhance Sleep and Mood
Lift Brain Fog
Improve Brain Function:
Memory, Focus, Clarity, Attention
Alleviate S.A.D

Experience Overall Well-Being 

Gamma Entrainment

Based on Newest Neuroscience Discoveries
Synchronized Light and Sound
Visual and Auditory Delivery

Optimize Brain Function
Enhance Memory Recall, Focus, Attention, and Concentration

Theta Entrainment

Similar to Deep Meditation
Profound Stress Relief
Deep Relaxation
Calm and Centered Focus
Enhanced Creativity

Emerge Refreshed, Relaxed, and Renewed

3 Multi-Light Modes: Renew, Calm, Relief

our unique programs combining Red, Near-Infrared, Blue-Turquoise light therapy

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* DreamSpa is the prior name and earlier version of Auragen 
we kept the same great basic programs, reduced the price, and added lots of extras

including audio entrainment, Gamma brainwave feature, music, and more


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