Long Haulers / Aging Brain / Stress

Auragen Can Help
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Comprehensive Features and Benefits

Improve Mental and Physical Energy

Auragen 40hz Gamma Brainwave Entrainment

Brain Optimization with Gamma Entrainment

Benefit From Synchronized 40Hz Gamma
Based on the Newest Neuroscience

Improve Memory, Focus, and Concentration
Protect Cognitive Function

40Hz Gamma Synchronized Light and Sound
Optimal Visual and Auditory Delivery

Release Stress with Theta Entrainment

Theta Entrainment Creates a State Similar to Deep Meditation
Provides Profound Stress Relief
Experience Greater Calm and Creativity
Deeply Rest and Relax

Auragen Theta Brainwave Entrainment
Auragen Relief mode - Red and Blue Turquoise light therapy

Professional Grade for Home Use
3 Multi-Light Wave Modes
Brainwave Entrainment
Music and Nature Tracks
Finance with PayPal Credit
90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Improve Cognitive Function
Lift Brain Fog
Increase Physical & Mental Energy
Reduce Stress
Deeply Rest & Relax
Elevate Mood
Improve Sleep
Eliminate Jet Lag
Alleviative S.A.D

Auragen Calm - Blue Turquoise and NIR light therapy

All Multi-Light Modes - Included In ONE UNIT

3 unique combinations of Red, Near-Infrared, and Blue-Turquoise
light therapy with entrainment options

Customer Testimonials

Some comments refer to the DreamSpa, the prior version of Auragen 
we kept the same great unit, reduced the price, and made it even better!


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