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Professional grade
Convenient and easy to use
Durable construction
Made in the USA

All Inclusive

Three multi-light wave modes
Three highly beneficial wavelengths
Light and sound brain invigorator

Gamma & Theta entrainment
Optimal visual and auditory  Gamma delivery

Eight music and nature tracks 

Auragen Features

Adjustable light intensity

Adjustable music and Gamma volume

Two position canopy:
  allows user to full recline and relax during sessions

Financing available
60 Day money back guarantee

Unlimited phone support

Referral programs

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Video See all Auragen's Functions and How Easy it is to Use

Three Multi-Light Wave Modes

each of the three modes, includes photobiomodulation, selectable brainwave programming, and music

Auragen RENEW mode - primary Red and NIR light therapy

RENEW offers maximum energy renewal, maximum rejuvenation, a more youthful appearance.  

Primary: Red & Near-Infrared(NIR)
Secondary: Blue-Turquoise

Auragen CALM mode - primary Blue Turquoise and NIR light therapy

For maximum stress relief, to treat SAD, uplift mood, improve sleep, alleviate jet-lag and the effects of shift work, try a session with CALM.

Primary: Blue-Turquoise* & NIR
Secondary: Red

Auragen RELIEF mode - primary Red and Blue Turquoise light therapy

Feel the systemic difference with RELIEF.  Great for a relieving physical stress and fatigue due to exercise, overwork, lack of sleep. 

Primary: Red & Blue-Turquoise 
Secondary: Near-Infrared (NIR)

 *Blue-Turquoise light is completely safe for eyes, unlike wavelegnths in the Blue-Violet range under 455nm..
Blue-Violet has been implicated (not proven) to potentiaaly accelerate macular degeneration. Learn more HERE

Versatile Two Position Canopy

allows users to fully recline, relax, and enjoy the session

 Auragen's RENEW program 
can be used (without Flicker):

for Head and Scalp 
Beautiful and Healthy Hands 
Achy Joints 
Improved Circulation in Feet


Auragen Version P1010112 407x 267


Auragen 0145 407 x 267


Brainwave Entrainment Programs

Auragen incorporates leading edge neuroscience to bring you effective ways to optimize how you think and feel

Gamma is correlated to peak mental states, enhanced focus and attention, high performance, improved memory recall.

Theta is a deeply restful brainwave state.  Release stress and tension, emerge refreshed and relaxed.

Auragen Distinctive Features

  • Professional Grade

    High intensity Light Therapy Photo Modulation System for home or office use.  Over 300 LEDs and offers a 17" x 9" treatment area. 

  • Convenient & Easy to Use

    The Auragen is lightweight and portable at 6lbs and 12"x 12"x 12".  Carrying case and airline luggage available.

  • Flexibilty

    Auragen gives you the flexibility to adjust sound entrainment and music volume and the light intensity level.

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction

    Since 2011 customers have been raving about our product (first the DreamSpa and now Auragen) and how it continues to transform their energy, mood. sleep, overall well-being. "I'm addicted!" "I love it!" they tell us all the time.  Many are still using their unit every single day, years later: "Can't imagine being without it"  Testimonials

  • Phone Support

    Unlimited phone support.  Call us anytime. We love talking to our customers and strive to provide the best support so that you can get the greatest benefit from your Auragen sessions.

  • Customer Portal

    Access your dedicated customer portal.  On your portal you can view our Introductory User Video, register your Warranty,  download a copy of the User Manual, contact us with questions or requests, read our Newsletters, and much more coming!

  • 3 Multiwave Programs

    Three proprietary multi-wave programs integrating Blue-Turquoise, Red, and Near-Infrared (NIR) photobiomodultaion (light therapy).

  • Light and/or Sound brainwave stimulation offered with optional music tracks. Choose either deep 5hz Theta or synchronized 40 hz Gamma options.

  • Music Tracks

    Eight built in and optional tracks of beautiful music and nature sounds. Use with or without, combine with brainwave  stimulation, the choices are yours. 

  • Delicious Experience

    Beyond benefits, the Auragen multi position canopy allows the user to fully recline, relax, and enjoy the beneficial treatment.  Emerge renewed, refocused, re-energized.  Feel like you just had a restorative power-nap!

  • Safe, Drug Free

    Safe, natural, non- invasive regeneration.  Low level light therapy is considered safe for all ages.*  See our FAQS for safety information.
    *children must be able to keep their eyes closed during the session

  • Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

    The premium microfibers work to remove over 99% of bacteria and other microbes from surfaces. Cleaning Cloths

  • We are so sure you will fall in love with the way Auragen makes you feel, that we  offer a full  60 day money back guarantee.  

  • Auragen comes with a 1 year standard warranty. You have the option to add 1 or 2 years of additional extended warranty if your choose.  

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    Sturdy, strong, reliable, built to last. Professional quality. 12 volt DC adapter, converts automatically to international electrical standards.

  • Compare the Value!

    Not all light therapy devices are created equal. Comparefeatures, versatility, and quality.

  • Family & Friends Program

    If you enjoy sharing with others, offer your friends and family a discount as you earn a thank you reward on every referred sale. 

  • Professional Ambassador Program

    Apply today earn commissions up to two levels.

  • Financing Available

    Affirm and PayPal Credit financing available. Interest free options or low monthly payments.  Learn More

 8 Beautiful Music Tracks
including nature sounds and relaxation tracks
use with or without audio entrainment

Auragen Light Therapy Specifics

Near-Infrared Photon Body Penetration: The wavelength of Auragen’s NIR LEDs is 880 nm which penetrates close to and into the bone to reach the brain, soft tissue, and joints.  The figure below summarizes the benefits of NIR light therapy. 

NIR Light Benefits


NIR Radiant Intensity and Spatial Distribution: Auragen’s NIR LED delivers >99% of the radiant intensity within a five degree from center cone and > 50% of the radiant energy with a 22 degree from center cone, to provide a focused beam to your body parts under our dome. The LEDs are design to provide a radiant intensity of 15 mW/sr, and just for reference, the NIR power dissipation or wattage is 85 mW

NIR spectrum

Total Area exposed With Auragen’s NIR LED Treatment: Auragen’s LEDs are <2.5 inches away from the head of a user.  As discussed greater than 99% of the LED intensity is delivered within a five degree cone so that at 2.5” away, the total surface area treated by a single LED at 99% intensity is 0.15 in2.  The resulting LED radiant intensity at 2.5” away under each LED within the 99% area is  >0.36 mW at 2” it is > 0.56 mW due to the smaller surface area at 2” away.  Aurgen has 86 NIR LED lights so the total surface area treatment area at the 99% LED intensity level by Auragen is >13 in2.  and the total radiant intensity on the head from all the NIR LEDs is >30.96 mW.

Furthermore, the LEDs dissipate 50% of their energy within a 22 degree from center cone and the resulting surface area under a single LED that has greater than 50% radiant energy at 2.5” away is 3.2 in2. Thus, the overlapping NIR LEDs radiant intensity beams, cover all the exposed areas of the head.

NIR Coverage

In addition to the 86 NIR LEDs, Auragen delivers light therapy with 108 Blue-Turquoise LEDs at 465nm and 134 Red LEDs at 640nm, totaling 328 LEDs. The Blue-Turquoise and the Red LEDs have very similar radiant intensity beam width profiles as the NIR LED and the luminous intensities are >3690 MCD (millicandela) and >2390 MCD respectfully.

It’s important to remember, that the penetration of photons in light therapy is just the beginning, as the human body is designed to disperse the absorbed radiant energy.