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5:00PM Pacific Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Science and Remarkable Benefits of Light Therapy

Discover the profound cellular and molecular benefits of light therapy. Why we need it and why almost everyone can benefit.

Learn about the decades of scientific studies and development by the NIH, MIT, NASA, and many others around the world.

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Alleviate Long Haul Symptoms

Millions are suffering ongoing fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, headaches, after recovering from Covid 19.  Stress and depression are understandably on the rise  from the stress of uncertainty as to how long post Covid will last  and in response to the medical community still trying to understand and treat the vast array of symptoms.  

Join us and find out how to help your brain and body to recover.  Improve physical energy and sleep. Enhance the brain's ability to clean out toxins and viruses, improve neuronal function, increase brain energy, and more.  

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The Properties and Benefits of Different Wavelegths

Did you ever wonder about the visible and invisible colors  (wavelengths) of light?  Learn which ones are safe and healing?  Which ones we may be lacking and need more of?  How does each wavelength impact the body and brain? 

Go beyond vitamin D and understand how important light is to optimal health and resiliency. 

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The Neuroscience of Light and Sound

Learn about the newest discoveries in neuroscience which are demonstrating a safe and effective way to enhance cognitive function, reverse brain aging, improve memory recall, clarity, and focus. 

Now there is another powerful tool in the prevention and alleviation of  cognitive decline. And hope for those suffering from the misunderstood and often untreated symptoms of brain fog.