Benefit From Theta Light Therapy Today Profound Stress Relief

Auragen™  combines
three beneficial light treatments with brainwave entrainment technology

Reboot Your Brain - Theta

Theta feels like a restorative power-nap

Enjoy profound well-being and significant stress relief

Experience greater clarity, creativity, calm, and focus


Auragen's Theta entrainment feature gently slows down brainwaves from an active, excited, and even stressed Beta brainwave, to a relaxed and quiet Alpha. You are then eased into first levels of Theta, where you are able to experience profound stress relief.  The last part of your session is spent in Deep Theta.  That's where the brain can rest and reboot itself.  In Deep Theta your brain and nervous system get to deeply rest as your body fills with nourishing and energizing bioactive light.

Emerge rested, relaxed, and refreshed


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Auragen™ Theta Light Therapy

30 minute program that systematically transitions your brain to a deeply relaxed and restful state

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You're in Beta when you are busy, thinking alot, stressed. When your brain spends too much time in Beta,  your energy, concentration, mood, sleep, weight, and quality of life can be significantly impaired or diminished.  

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During the first part of your session, brainwaves are transitioned from a busy Beta to relaxed Alpha. This induces a soothing and calming sensation in mind and body. In Alpha your mind quiets and your body relaxes.

Deep Relief

High Theta

From Alpha your brainwaves are further relaxed to Theta. Only by drifting into a twilight or sleep state within High Theta, can your brain enter into profound stress relief and mental clarity.  

5 Hz Theta Flicker

Deep Theta

Brainwaves are lulled down into Deep Theta which is a very deep and relaxing state.  At this essential finalstage significant renewal can take place where your brain is rebooting itself, similar to deep sleep. 

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Light therapy should not be used by individuals with a history, or a family history of photosensitive seizures.