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please note"  DreamSpa® is the prior name and version of  Auragen™ 

all the same benefits are included in the Auragen System

in addition to our new features including 40Hz Gamma and music tracks



I would like to share my experience with Auragen™ light therapy. First a little about me. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Polymyositis, approximately 11 years ago. I also suffered a stroke, about 10 years ago, which has left me with left side weakness, (as if I wasn’t already weak enough). Rheumatoid arthritis eats your joints, while Myositis eats your muscles and destroys the neurological pathways so your brain can’t tell your body what to do. Falling, has been a serious problem for me, because when I would fall. When I fall I couldn’t lift myself up. I would have to call 911 for assistance. I have several other challenges due to my health conditions, but falling is my greatest fear.  

When I met Jane, she asked if I would like to try her new Auragen light therapy. I had never heard of anything like it – but I am willing to try anything to avoid taking more drugs...  YES!! I wanted to try.   

After my first session, I felt like my brain was over stimulated, almost to the point of irritation. I continued to use the Light therapy, because I was confident it was actually doing something. The second time we used the light, and all treatments since, my experience has been 100% positive. No further sense of being overstimulated.  

Now I find that I sleep well, and wake up feeling refreshed with more energy than I have felt in the last 10 yrs. The constant fatigue is gone. 

Since starting the Light therapy sessions, I’ve had a few instances of almost falling, and going over backwards, which is my worst way to fall. I’ve had to have several staples in my head from falling backwards, but now, I have been able to move my feet fast enough to catch myself and stay upright!!! The first time I didn’t actually fall, I was in complete shock to still be standing! Since then, I’ve had a few other times that my brain has connected with my body to keep me upright. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much this has been a blessing in my life. I thought I would never have been able to stop falling, and save myself again. I owe so much for this therapy.

I am available to speak with anyone about my experience with the Auragen™ light therapy.

DonnaLee Kerwin



"As both a user and a psychological professional in a position to recommend the Auragen light device to others I can attest to its positive effects on relaxation, sleep, mood shift, and energy boosting. I ordered it for its research-based light effects for brain detoxification support, as many of my patients are dealing with complex medical disorders. I continue to use the Auragen every day and have purchased a second device for my office so that patients can themselves use the device. I have recommended the Auragen to many others and intend to continue ."

Grayce Stratton. PhD, PsyD


Dan Popielarczyk

"As a fitness instructor,  it has been a great addition to my recovery routine. Whether it is a grueling workout, an injury or being sick, I have always depended on it to help me out tremendously. Not only with recovery but gives multiple other benefits. I fell in love from first use and have been using it for over a year now. It helps with soreness and to speed recovery so I am able to continue and maintain my workout frequency"

Dan Popielarczyk


20170224_122343.jpg Tatyana resized

"This light has changed my life! I sleep better, wake up energized and I am less stressed. I do not have any issues falling asleep anymore! My daughter who's 12 uses it about 3-4 times a week. She's always on the go and she says it helps her relax and calms her down! - Tatyana's Mom

"I've been using my Mom's DreamSpa*.  I'm only 11 years old and maybe you won't believe it, but I have a lot of stress.  I always fall asleep. It helps me so much." - Tatyana



Joan Kesman 1

“This is the greatest thing around. People tell me all the time that I’m getting younger looking and my energy level is kept up with using the light. When I have any knee issues, I just put them under the light and I get instant relief. I really feel it has helped me stay healthier and also helps my brain to focus better. I highly recommend the DreamSpa* and feel everyone should have one. I purchased one for each of my daughters and they love it too.”

Joan Kesman


John Hittler cropped

“I just ordered a second light unit. Here is the simple deal: This is for a dear friend, who has suffered from severe insomnia for seven years. After six days of using my light, she called me and said she got nine hours of sleep for the first time that she could remember. She was ecstatic. I am sending her a Dream Spa* of her own.” 

John Hitller


Paula Battaglia

"The more I have, and use the DreamSpa, the more I appreciate it. If I’m really exhausted, missing sleep, stressed, or challenged, I will use it and the session makes a noticeable difference.

I love it so much; words can’t even express how exuberant I am. I have tons of energy and I used to be exhausted. I am just a happier person all around. I feel stronger, more rested and more effective in my life. I love, love, love it!”

Paula Battaglio


male avatar-png-4

"Just bought the DreamSpa and been using it for about 2 weeks and I have felt an instant increase in energy, less soreness after exercise and a general overall increase in well being, more relaxed.

Sleep is definitely improved. I was a bit skeptical and thought maybe a placebo effect at first, but, this is a game changer and works! "

Russell Fairlamb


Jodi Eisenstadt cropped

"Thank you so much for introducing me to this extraordinarily wonderful product. I love using it to gain energy when I'm depleted or to relax under stress and anxiety. It has had profound effects on alleviating my physical and emotional distress"

Jodi Eiesn


Olena Kucher

" I can’t say enough about DreamSpa, I am simply ADDICTED. Seriously, you know it’s like when you reboot your computer so it works better and faster,- this is what an each session to me. Total Body Reboot.

I am more energized, more focused, relaxed, it’s amazing. And I sleep so much better, wake up fully recharged. I used to hit snooze button a few times before I would actually get up from bed. It has completely changed since I started using DreamSpa. I love feeling so great. Thank you DreamSpa!"

Olena Kucher


male avatar-png-4

“I use Renew before I go to work in the morning and the Calm at night. My work as an accountant is very stressful at times and I thank you again for the work/research in bringing this new and wonderful technology to us. I use to wake up every morning with anxiety however, this has completely taken it away!”

Brent Turner



“The fact that I slept, seeing that I have been surviving on 2-3 hours of broken sleep daily for the past 5-6 years. 10 hours with just 2 breaks per night is nothing short of a miracle. I can now put positive input into my daily welfare.”

Alma Devi



” I bought a DreamSpa two years ago and I have been using it on a regular basis ever since. I have not noticed any overnight, dramatic changes from using the spa. Instead, my experience have been a slow and steady regeneration of my whole body. Each person I’ve shared the spa with have had a unique experience, from a good night sleep for the first time in years, to being completely and instantly energized. ”

Marie Oloffsdotter


Toni romano cropped

“ I had two sessions and I tell you I felt really great the day after. I have always had a problem sleeping at night, even as a child I used to lay awake for hours before I could fall off to sleep. After my second session, I went to bed at my usual time…I switched the television off and I swear, before the screen went blank I was gone. AND I didn't wake again until 7:00 a.m. This has never happened to me before, because I always wake up several times throughout the night. Got up at 8:30 a.m. and then the next night I slept so well I was up at 8:00 a.m.”  

Toni Romano



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