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Auragen Photobiomodulation Light Therapy

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Light, An Essential Nutrient

Just like plants, humans need light to thrive.  Most of us are deficient, lacking the right kinds of wavelengths and sufficient light exposure, to maintain health and well-being.  We can have the best nutrition, best water, best medical care, best exercise program, best spiritual practices, and there is still something's bioactive light, an essential nutrient.

Photobiomodulation, is the therapeutic application of light to achieve wellness and health benefits.  With decades of research and technological innovation from major universities, the NIH, NASA, the VA, and many more, this proven science is now available for everyday use with the ease and convenience of home or workplace use.

Photobiomodulation triggers photochemical and photophysical changes within cellular structures, affecting the body at different levels. Some of the documented effects of Photobiomodulation include increased ATP (energy) production, enzyme and hormone activation, improved circulation, increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients, stimulation of nitric oxide production.

Documented outcomes include, but are not limited to, greater energy and vitality, improved sleep, tissue repair and recovery, improved mood and much more. For a list of Auragen wellness benefits see our benefits page. 

Let Auragen nourish and replenish your cells. Renew from the inside-out!


Auragen Wavelengths

Auragen delivers three of the most beneficial, researched, and safest wavelengths: 
Red, Near-Infrared, and Blue-Turquoise*

Blue-Turquoise Chart Lucid Press cropped 1327 x 1170
Blue-Turquoise Light Therapy

Calming, Improves Sleep and Mood

Neurotransmitters e.g. Serotonin
Uplifting and Calming|
Re-Establishes Circadian Rhythms
Regulates Melatonin Production
Improves Sleep
Reverses Jet-Lag
Alleviates S.A.D.

* Blue-Turquoise is a completely safe and beneficial wavelength, not to be confused with Blue-Violet wavelengths which have been implicated in possibly accelerating macular degeneration.

Red Chart 1327 x 1168
Red Light Therapy

Repair, Renewal, Re-Energizing

Increased Energy
Relief of Physical Fatigue and Aches
Accelerates Exercise Recovery
Cellular Renewal
Systemic Repair and Renewal
Youthful Glow

NIR Chart 1300x 1170
Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Deep Penetration

NIR is similar to RED light in the effects it has on the body. Penetrates deeper than RED up to and into bone.

Reverses Fatigue
Boosts Energy
Alleviates Physical Exhaustion
Systemic Repair and Renewal

Three Multi-Light Wave Modes

Auragen's proprietary modes deliver a optimal configuration for your sessions

each includes optional Theta or Gamma Brainwave Entrainment and selectable Music Tracks

300+ high power LEDS on a 17" x 9" treatment area


Primary: Red & NIR, Secondary: Blue-Turquoise


Primary: Blue-Turquoise & NIR, Secondary: Red


Primary: Red & Blue-Turquoise, Secondary: NIR

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