Benefit From Gamma Light Therapy Today 40Hz Synchronized Light and Sound

 Auragen™  combines photobiomodulation with sound to help improve cognitive functions

Optimize Brain Function - Gamma Light and Sound Therapy

Improve memory recall, attention, and learning retention

Enhance mental clarity and focus
Enhance cognitive function

Alleviate Brain Fog

Gamma has recently been in the news, as neuroscientists have discovered the potential of Gamma to promote regeneration and enhance brain energy.  Research indicates that best results can be achieved when both Gamma light and sound are synchronized and  delivered via the visual and auditory.  40Hz is the optimal frequency specifically for Gamma brainwave stimulation. 

Gamma brainwaves are correlated to peak mental states, high performance, enhanced focus and attention. They are abundant in people who tend to be happy and calm and have self-control.  Gamma waves appear to have the ability to link information across all parts of the brain. During meditation, Zen Buddhist monks show an extraordinary synchronization of brain waves known as Gamma Synchrony — a pattern increasingly associated with robust brain function.

Auragen's Gamma therapy program pulsates both sound and light at a steady and synchronized 40 Hz. 

Gamma Brainwave Benefits Demonstrated at Major Universities

recent mouse and human studies at major universities have show that synchronized Gamma light and sound delivered these results

Auragen Recover Cognitive Function
Brain Function Recovery
Auragen System improves blood flow
Improved Blood Flow
Neuron Enhancement
Neuron Enhancement
Auragen 40 Hz Gamma
Boost Immune Response

BREAKING NEWS! 01/13/2021 FDA Impressed with Gamma (40 Hz) Human Studies

Using specific frequencies of flashing lights and sounds to stimulate the brain’s electrical activity, MIT believes 40Hz Gamma, delivered via the visual and auditory channels, can help improve cognitive function by energizing neurons and reactivating the immune system.

The daily treatment has shown positive effects in mice, with changes in the brain’s hippocampus and auditory cortex including the reduction of amyloid plaques, according to a study published in medical journal Cell.

No need to wait.
Enjoy and benefit from this research now, with Auragen.

Auragen Advantage in Gamma Brainwave Delivery

designed based on latest neuroscience findings

Gamma Head Page Insert 1000 x765

Optimal Delivery

The Auragen System delivers Gamma via the visual and the auditory cortex

Melissa with Headphones Auragen logo 1000 x 795+

Optimal Frequency

Auragen synchronizes  the brain to the same frequency:
40Hz Gamma 

combinded Visual and Auditory 1000 x 795

Optimal Effect

Delivering synchronized  stimulation produces the greatest effect on the brain

Monk Gamma

Gamma Synchrony

Gamma has been  correlated to peak mental states and high performance

Auragen Advantage - Users Experience

designed to provide the best and most effective user experience

Trew Under Canopy 1000 x 795

Focused Delivery

Auragne's Canopy envelopes the face to provide NIR and Red light that is delivered to the frontal lobes and parietal lobes 

red and NIR

Deep Penetration

Red light penetrates deep into tissue, NIR is able penetrate to and through bone. Auragen uses over 300 LEDs to provide high luminosity and deep penetration

red horizontal

Rotating Canopy

Tilting hinge to allow user to easily enter and lie down for a restful session

Audio-Gamma-dials-2 - v2

Adjustable Volume

Music can be played in parallel to initially help user get acquainted with and soften the Gamma audio experience


Sept 2020 - Interview with MIT Neuroscientist Li-Huei Tsai

Not all observations from mice studies translate to humans.  Auragen is a wellness device, we make no claims to healing the brain.

Highlights of mice studies include: 


40-50% reduction in hardened amyloid plaque in the visual cortex using Gamma flicker with light 


30-40% reduction of plaque in the audio cortex after 1- 2 weeks of daily 1 hour sessions 


Combined 40hz Gamma light with 40hz sound flicker showed activation across the brain, beyond just the visual and auditory cortex

Researchers surprised to see repair and rebuilding of damaged neuronal circuitry

Initial Human Studies with 40 Hz Gamma Show Promise

Preliminary Human Studies Measuring the Brain's Immune System

Posterior Cingulate Cortex and Precuneus represent a critical network of interacting regions of the brain for recalling episodic (specific) memories. 

Precuneus / Posterior Cingulate Cortex
Precuneus / Posterior Cingulate Cortex

After 8 weeks of daily light and sound sessions with 40 Hz, researchers observed a significant increase in connectivity between the Posterior Cingualator Cortex and Precuneus 

 Cytokines are a category of small proteins that are critical for healthy immune responses to infection and inflammation. 

Cytokine Release
Cytokine Release

 Cytokines found in cerebral spinal fluid are a key measure of immune response. At 8 weeks the data showed that the immune system is being engaged in humans with 40Hz  Gamma flicker.

Representative data developed from a May 15, 2020

webinar presentation by Dr. Singer, Georgia Tech