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AURAGEN™ Light and Sound System is a professional grade, all-in-one system, specifically designed to provide the home user with Brainwave stimulation and advanced Light Photo Modulation System.

Convenient, easy, and comfortable to use, Auragen sessions are enjoyable and relaxing, as well as highly beneficial. 



Not all light therapy devices are created equal. The right choice can make a huge difference over time. 

Use the charts below, read the 4 key considerations under the charts. When choosing the right device - keep in mind that you're investing in your health and well-being. 

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Four key considerations to be made when considering which unit is the right unit for you.



  1. Synchronized 40Hz Light and Sound:
    Recent findings show that application of  40Hz Gamma with both light and sound significantly improve the amount of power and transmission to all parts of the brain, thus optimizing results. The most effective paths to the brain are through the visual cortex and auditory cortex. 
  2. Listen to Music in Parallel with Gamma Sound:
    The ability to slowly adapt to listening to Gamma sound only.  Some users may initially find the Gamma sound to be distracting.  This goes away and most actually end up finding it very soothing and comforting.  That's why we designed AURAGEN to enable the user to play a relaxing music in parallel with the Gamma sound. The user can adjust the volume on both, and over time can increase the Gamma sound and reduce the music volume to comfortable levels.  This makes for a much more enjoyable user experience.
  3. Theta Brainwave Stimulation:
    Auragen's Theta feature has been optimized with years of use and study to help users transition from a busy and/or stressed state of mind to a state of clarity and calm - very much like a deep mediation rests and clears  the mind and relaxes the body. 


  1. Luminosity and Intensity:
    Over 300 high power LEDs are used to provide significant levels of light therapy, Deep penetration with NIR and Red through the skin, bones, and eyes (through closed eyelids) to reach the brain. 
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  2. Stimulation of Key Nodes:
    Auragen is designed to stimulate the key nodes that facilitate deeper penetration into the brain, including the visual cortex and Parietal lobes. The parietal lobes are above the ear towards the back of the head and the functions of this lobe include:  Cognition, Information Processing, Understanding Spatial Orientation, Movement Coordination, Speech, Mathematical Computation.  Recent labs studies with mice are showing that the entire brain becomes rhythmically synchronized with the Gamma frequency through the eyes and the effect is enhanced when combined with audio Gamma.
  3. Systemic Light Photo Modulation:
    The entire face is also illuminated providing beneficial effects to the skin, and the entire body.  As the face contains the most capillaries and  it can therefore absorb the most light (radiant output is important ). The photons, or subatomic particles of light, are then carried throughout the body by the circulatory system and acupuncture meridians, enabling the fiberoptic properties of tissue to absorb and systemically disperse the light to all your cells, stimulating repair and regeneration and increased ATP (energy) production.



  1. Safe and Effective:
    Auragen utilizes three of the most tested, beneficial, and safest wavelengths: Red, NIR, & Blue-Turquoise. 
  2. LightPenetration:
    Lab testing has evaluated the penetration depth of different light frequencies and has found that NIR provides the deepest penetration to and through bone, with Red light coming in second. 
  3. Benefits:
    Red and NIR are both known to stimulate repair and regeneration. Red light is for the skin and increases melatonin.  Blue-Turquoise is a completely safe and highly beneficial wavelength that resets Circadian Rhythms, stimulates the production of serotonin, uplifts mood, and sooths the skin. 



  1. Comfort: A unit that, in addition to results, provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience, makes a huge difference. We all know that we start avoiding things that are "good" for us that we don't enjoy. Don't make the mistake of investing precious time or money in a device that becomes a drudgery to use. 
  2. Conducive to Regular Use: Preliminary lab tests indicate that users benefit the most from daily 1 hour sessions of 40Hz Gamma  entrainment.  Researchers have also noted that gains will start to erode if not used consistently. Thus, it is essential to have a unit that can withstand the rigors of daily use and be comfortable to use for many years to come.  AURGEN allows the user to get comfortable and rest by allowing them to lie down and relax for significant periods of time while they are using the device.
  3. Theta Power Nap: Auragen uniquely provides the Theta Power Nap, an opportunity to reboot your brain as you recharge your body with light; emerge completely refreshed. 
  4. Durability: Auragen is made in the USA, using the highest quality production processes and components. Its strong and sturdy and will provide you with many years of reliable use and continuous benefits.