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Auragen™ Light and Sound System advanced light therapy and the newest technologies based on neuroscience

Auragen™ Light and Sound System

40 Hz Synchronized Sound and Light with Near-Infrared Light for Deep Penetration

40Hz Gamma treatment via the visual and  the auditory cortex shown to be the most effective in brain healing mice studies


Improve Memory Recall
Enhance Focus and Concentration
Enjoy Mental Clarity
Increase Learning Retention
Prevent Cognitive Decline


Increase Energy
Uplift Mood
Sleep Better
Alleviate SAD
Experience Profound Stress Reduction

Gamma Entrainment

current mice studies at major universities have show that synchronized light and sound
at 40hz Gamma delivered these results:

Auragen System improves blood flow


Increased blood flow to the brain improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and at the same time removes toxins and debris.

Neuron Enhancement


Studies suggest that neurons shift into a less degenerative state, improving synaptic function, enhancing neuroprotective factors, and reducing DNA damage.

Microglia Gene Activation


Microglia act as the brain's immune system - scavenging  for plaque, damaged neurons and synapses, and infectious agents. They can exert neuroprotective effects as well.

Combined Visual with Audio Stimulation Provides the Greatest Effect

Mice Studies

Faster responses were observed with Gamma treatment in mice using combined light and sound stimulation

Power spectral density equals the amount of energy received by the brain


Representative data developed from a Feb 27, 2020

webinar presentation by MIT PI (Dr. Tsai)

BREAKING NEWS! 01/13/2021 FDA Impressed with Gamma Human Studies

Using specific frequencies of flashing lights and sounds to stimulate the brain’s electrical activity, MIT believes 40Hz Gamma, delivered via the visual and auditory channels, can help treat Alzheimer’s disease by energizing neurons and reactivating the immune system.

The daily treatment has shown positive effects in mice, with changes in the brain’s hippocampus and auditory cortex including the reduction of amyloid plaques, according to a study published in medical journal Cell.

Now, with the treatment approach being studied in placebo-controlled human trials, the FDA said it has seen enough early clinical data to label the device as a potential breakthrough therapy.

Why wait?
Enjoy and benefit from this research now, with Auragen!

Results of Gamma Research

Sept 2019 MIT Video


Sept 2020 - Interview with MIT Neuroscientist Li-Huei Tsai

Highlights of mice studies include: 


40-50% reduction in hardened amyloid plaque in the visual cortex in mice with full blown Alzheimer's using Gamma flicker with light 


30-40% reduction of plaque in the audio cortex after 1- 2 weeks of daily 1 hour sessions of Gamma flicker audio


Combined 40hz Gamma light with 40hz sound flicker showed activation across the brain, beyond just the visual and auditory cortex


Researchers were surprised to see repair and rebuilding of damaged neuronal circuitry


Mice showed "very impressive" improvement in cognitive ability

Initial Human Studies with 40 Hz Gamma Show Promise

Preliminary Human Studies Measuring the Brain's Immune System

Posterior Cingulate Cortex and Precuneus represent a critical network of interacting regions of the brain for recalling episodic (specific) memories. Becomes significantly impaired with Dementia / Alzheimer's

Precuneus / Posterior Cingulate Cortex
Precuneus / Posterior Cingulate Cortex

After 8 weeks of daily light and sound sessions with 40 Hz, researchers observed a significant increase in connectivity between the Posterior Cingualator Cortex and Precuneus 

 Cytokines are a category of small proteins that are critical for healthy immune responses to infection and inflammation. 

Cytokine Release
Cytokine Release

 Cytokines found in cerebral spinal fluid are a key measure of immune response. At 8 weeks the data showed that the immune system is being engaged in humans with 40Hz  Gamma flicker.

Representative data developed from a May 15, 2020

webinar presentation by Dr. Singer, Georgia Tech

Auragen Notice

Indication for Use: The Auragen™ Light & Sound System has been designed and tested to comply with the FDA’s requirement for general wellness devices.  The Auragen Light & Sound System is intended to be used by the general public in a home environment for purpose of reducing stress and anxiety and for improving mood and well-being.  It can also be used for reducing memory loss and for improving focus and concentration.

Auragen Gamma Testimonial

“I previously owned and used the earlier model of the light box called the “Dream Spa,” which did not include Gamma flicker. That model was also a godsend in its own right for me, really improving my ability to get to sleep and really helping with my general energy, resilience ,and my ability to “let stress bounce off of me.” I also found that if stress built up over time, the Dream Spa helped me become aware of it. If I used the light any time after midafternoon, I could fall very deeply asleep almost immediately, awaking a short time later incredibly refreshed.  

There’s a significant change, at least for me, using Auragen, the new model with Gamma flicker. I believe the biggest change comes in the form of mental sharpness. The interesting thing about this is, that I didn’t really feel that I had that much of a problem with mental acuity or with being “on top of it” before using Gamma flicker. With Gamma flicker in general I notice things more. I notice a lot more of what I have been missing or what I had been putting so far to the side, that it became problematic. Now I am keeping things mentally “within reach”, during my very busy day.  By having more immediate access, I am able to remember better, both generally and specifically.

Projects, responsibilities, and goals no longer slip completely out of mind for such a long period that I remember when it’s too late.  I remember a lot more detail, I have more confidence that comes with that.”



Auragen™ System All-In-One Advanced Light Therapy with Brainwave Entrainment

nourishing the body and brain with light, as the user benefits from Gamma and Theta entrainment 

Auragen RELIEF mode - primary Red and Blue Turquoise light therapy
Auragen CALM mode - primary Blue Turquoise and NIR light therapy
Fully Recline, Rest, and Relax During Each Session
Fully Recline, Rest, and Relax During Each Session
5 Hz Theta Flicker
5 Hz Theta Flicker
40Hz Gamma
40Hz Gamma
Multiwave Programs
3 Wavelengths of Light

Red, NIR, Blue-Turquoise

8 Beautiful Tracks

Use with or without the Gamma audio entrainment

Each Session is like a Power Nap

Emerge rested, with more energy, clarity, and focus

Risk Free
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

We even pay for return shipping!

1 Year Warranty

Extended warranty available

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All-In-One Device

Auragen™ Light and Sound System
  • Professional Grade for Home or Workplace Use
  • 3 Multiwave High Intensity Light Programs
  • Wavelengths: Near-Infrared / Red / Blue-Turquoise
  • Envelopes Head with Light
  • Two Position Rotating Canopy Allows for Relaxing Sessions
  • 40 Hz Gamma Entrainment with Light, Sound, or Both
  • Theta Light Entrainment - Deeply Restful and Restorative
  • Music Tracks
  • Fully Adjustable Light Intensity
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Made in the USA
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Extended Warranty Available
  • Personalized Customer Support
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Financing Available
  • Safe for Most Ages, Natural, Proven, and Drug Free*

* read FAQs on safety precautions - light therapy is
not recommended for individuals with a history of  photosensitive seizures

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