Brain Fog

Experience Greater Clarity and Focus
Improve Brain Function
Support Your Brain in Clearing the Fog 

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Auragen™ Light and Sound System delivers two proven, safe, and effective technologies, by combining the newest breakthrough in neuroscience (40Hz Gamma) with professional grade Photobiomodulation (red and near-infrared light therapy).  Auragen sessions deliver the ease and convenience of  home or office use to improve cognitive function, alleviate brain fog, and increase both mental and physical energy.

Brain fog is real, and it can be debilitating and persistent. Brain fog is not a medical condition or diagnosis, per se.  Rather, it is refers to a collection of symptoms  which relate to a number of other medical conditions, each of which can result in short-term or long-term cognitive dysfunction or impaired performance. Increasingly more people (long-haulers) are reporting ongoing brain fog post Covid.  

Characteristics of brain fog include:

Problems with concentration
Difficulty with short-term memory
Difficulty putting thoughts together
Inability to remember common words
Trouble organizing and planning 
Trouble completing a normal workday
Ongoing mental and physical fatigue

Feeling unable to fully wake up
Suffering from insomnia 
Difficulty waking up in the morning
The brain/mind feels like a "cotton ball"
Inexplicable anxiety and feelings of overwhelm
Frequent frustration and irritation

Conditions that can result in or contribute to brain fog:

What treatments are available?

To date, recommended treatments may include certain medications (which in and of themselves, can sometimes cause brain fog), nutritional supplements, improved diet, a better sleep schedule, more exercise, and the utilization of  compensatory strategies and resources, such timers, calendars and reminder lists. Important and helpful as each of these can be, unfortunately, none of them is a panacea.

 Supplements, medication, and healthy nutrition all require viable and unobstructed pathways to the brain, as well as brain cells capable of absorbing and utilizing the substances needed for their optimal functioning.  Improving sleep quantity and quality is always essential, whenever possible.  Exercise, while therapeutic must be tailored to the individual's course of recovery in order to avoid paradoxically increasing fatigue.

Clearly, there is a need for discovering new ways to facilitate brain fog recovery.
We need to furnish the brain with the resources it requires to repair and renew itself, as naturally occurs when the brain is healthy.  

Why wait, when there is a safe and effective technology, that can start helping immediately...

AURAGEN can help

by combining two proven and effective technologies

Synchronized Gamma

Peer-reviewed clinical studies have shown that 40hz  Gamma brainwave entrainment can promote renewal and enhance brain energy.  When using Gamma to boost the brain, researchers stress the vital importance of

utilizing specifically 40hz flicker (frequency)

delivery via the visual and auditory channels 

synchronization of light and sound 

Emerge with a refreshed and re-energized brain
Enjoy greater clarity and focus


Red and Near-Infrared light treatments have been researched in hundreds of clinical studies over several decades. Red and NIR have been documented to

boost the production of cellular energy (ATP)
enhance circulation
stimulate cellular and tissue repair
improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients

emerge rested and refreshed 

enjoy greater clarity and focus

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Auragen Sessions can be used to:

Enhance Brain Function

Improve Focus, Clarity, Concentration, Memory Recall

Increase Physical and Mental Energy

Improve Sleep

Elevate Mood

Experience Profound Stress Reduction

Deeply Rest and Relax

Alleviate SAD


Well Known Effects of Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy

Synchronized Gamma

Observed Results in Major US Universities
Lab Tests and Human Studies

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Healthy circulation and blood pressure

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Increased ATP (cellular energy) production

Microglia Gene Activation

Activation of microglia (brain's clean-up crew)

Neuron Enhancement

Neuron Enhancement

Frequency and Light News sampling of what others are reporting

3rd party articles and or published research unrelated to Reversal Solutions.
The links are provided as a resource for more information and research on the effects of light therapy and flicker on  brain function.