Aging Brain

Protect Brain Function

Alleviate Cognitive Decline

Improve Clarity, Focus, Attention, Memory Recall

Aging Brain

Auragen™ Light and Sound System delivers two proven, safe, and effective technologies, by combining the newest breakthrough in neuroscience (40Hz Gamma) with professional grade Photobiomodulation (red and near-infrared light therapy). The result is a device that can be used with the ease and convenience of  home or office use to optimize and protect cognitive function and alleviate the effects of cognitive decline. 

Gamma Brainwave Entrainment (Flicker)

Peer-reviewed clinical studies have shown that 40hz  Gamma brainwave entrainment can promote renewal and enhance brain energy.  When using Gamma to boost the brain, researchers stress the vital importance of

utilizing specifically 40hz flicker (frequency)

delivery via the visual and auditory channels 

synchronization of light and sound 

Red and NIR Photobiomodulation

Red and Near-Infrared light treatments have been researched in hundreds of clinical studies over several decades. Red and NIR have been documented to

boost the production of cellular energy (ATP)
enhance circulation
stimulate cellular and tissue repair
improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients

Synchronized Gamma Delivery

Gamma Brainwaves are endogenous to the brain
They are correlated to high mental performance and abundant in people who are tend to be content 

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Visual and Auditory

The Auragen System delivers Gamma via the visual and the auditory cortex for optimal effect.

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Enhanced memory recall, clarity, focus, attention, concentration. and learning retention.

Monk Gamma

Gamma Synchrony

During meditation, Zen Buddhist monks show an unusual synchronization of brain called Gamma Synchrony — a pattern associated with robust brain function.

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Optimal Delivery

Delivering synchronized stimulation has been demonstrated to produce the greatest effect on the brain.

40 Hz Gamma Flicker

Observed Results in Major US Universities Lab Tests and Human Studies

Auragen System improves blood flow

Increased circulation, oxygen & nutrient delivery

Microglia Gene Activation

Activation of microglia, brain's immune system

Neuron Enhancement

Neuron enhancement, improved neuronal function

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Enhanced mitochondrial function (cellular energy)

Representative data developed from a Feb 27, 2020 - webinar presentation by MIT PI (Dr. Tsai)


Well Known Effects of Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy

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Maintains healthy circulation and blood pressure

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Promotes cellular and tissue repair, wound healing

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Stimulates the cellular powerhouse to make energy

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Red & NIR used by the VA to treat brain injury

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The links are provided as a resource for more information and research on the effects of light therapy and flicker on  brain function.