The Science Behind Auragen™ bringing you the newest benefits in neuroscience and light therapy leveraging Gamma, Red, and NIR Light

Clean-Up Your Brain


Boost your brain's immune response by activating microglia - the brain's clean-up crew - with Auragen's synchronized 40Hz Gamma feature.  Microglia are a critical part of our brain’s immune system.  They are responsible for clearing out debris: toxins, dead neurons,  amyloid plaque, anything that doesn't belong.

Clearing out the junk that interferes with the brain boosts your brain's ability to function unimpeded.  The longer the leftover debris accumulates, the more challenging it becomes for the brain to recover.

Nourish Your Brain

Improved Blood Flow

Improve circulation, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the brain with Red and Near-Infrared light.  Auragen delivers professional grade Photobiomodulation - Red and NIR light therapy.  Thoroughly researched and studied for decades, these wavelengths have been proven to provide many benefits to the body and brain.  Red and Near-infrared can penetrate past derma deeper down into tissue.  NIR can even penetrate bone. They also stimulate energy production, giving cells the extra energy boost they sometimes need to properly function. This feature of Photobiomodulation can be very helpful for a tired brain or body.

Some of the many applications of Photobiomodulation include the acceleration of wound healing in the military, tissue repair and alleviation of inflammation in sports medicine, reduction of wrinkles in med spas, and even the recent treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD by the VA. 

Restore Gamma Brainwaves

Neuron Enhancement

Gamma waves are endogenous (natural) to a healthy brain and are abundant in people who exhibit peak mental performance, tend to be content, and have a high level of self control.

Lab studies performed in major US universities have demonstrated that 40Hz Gamma provides the greatest benefit when synchronized delivery is done via both the visual and the auditory cortex, a key feature of the Auragen. These studies have shown that 40Hz synchronized Gamma has the ability to help the brain by activating microglia (the brain's clean-up crew),  stimulating mitochondria to produce more energy (ATP), improving circulation, supporting neuronal function, and more. 

During meditation, Zen Buddhist monks show an extraordinary synchronization of brainwaves known as Gamma Synchrony — a pattern associated with robust brain function.

As we experience illness, stress, and as we age our ability to produce Gamma brainwaves declines.  The Auragen System helps bring back and enhance Gamma production in your brain with optimal visual and auditory delivery. 

Increase Brain Energy

Boost Mitochondria

The brain needs energy to run at full capacity.  Energy production in your brain is particularly important because, of all the cells in your body, neurons are the highest consumers of energy. Even though our brain compromises only 2-4% of our total body weight, it consumes 20-30% of the body's total energy output. 

Auragen utilizes two effective technologies - 40Hz Gamma and Photobiomodulation - that can increase cellular energy by stimulating the mitochondria to improve on its production of ATP (the body’s energy currency).  Boosting ATP production helps support cellular repair and renewal  and provides the energy needed for optimal brain function and performance.