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Congratulations on choosing the Auragen Light and Sound System™ to optimize your wellness and enhance the quality of your life.  Auragen is a professional grade system designed for optimal daily use  in the comfort and ease ease of  your home or workplace.


Auragen incorporates 40+ years of advancements in the fields of Photobiomodulation, Tissue Optics, Cellular Communication, Neuroscience, Aging Management, and Stress Managament.  It  has been designed to be used regularly over a lifetime to enjoy the greatest benefits. Benefits are progeressive with consistent use.  Enjoy the benefits along with the experince of profound relaxation that is exclusive to the Auragen System.


At Reversal Solutions we are dedicated to delivering a high quality product, utilizing the latest advances in research and technological development, and that delivers profound wellness benefits as well as a wonderful user experience.  Auragen is made in America using the highest manufacturing standards.


In your customer portal you will find some resources.  Be sure to register your warranty and read through your entire instruction manual before using and feel free to contact us with any questions at customersupport@reversalsolutions.com or 833-782-3222.


Once you start seeing and feeling the beneficial changes, please leave us a testimonial on the product page or in the Customer Portal.  We appreciate hearing from our customers!


The Auragen Team