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Reversal Square 150 x 150

    We are experiencing production glitches due to Covid 19. Units are ready to ship, we are just waiting on circuit boards to be completed. Units will ship in August on a first come, first serve basis.

    Please accept our apologies for the delay and as impatient as you are to receive and start using the new unit, we are as anxious to ship and get the Auragen to you.

    We will contact you by email several days in advance of your order shipping. If you reserved your Auragen with a deposit, the balance will be due at the time of notification. Once the unit ships you will receive your tracking number.

    Thank you again, we appreciate the frustration and impatience the delay may be causing. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.



    Thank you for patience as we are working hard to ensure that a high quality and reliable product is delivered to you. Innovations in manufacturing involve extensive testing to confirm the product meets our standards and exceeds our customers' expectations.

    Our new estimated shipping date is the week of July 27th. Please check back here periodically to find shipping updates. 

    For those of you that placed a deposit -no worries your delivery will not be delayed.  We will contact you by email with a digital invoice that you can use to pay your balance in advance of your ship date.