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You don’t have to settle for treatments that may not work, supplements that have difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier, or internet memory games to improve your cognitive function. Marketing gimmicks flood the internet when it comes to the human mind and brain. If you’re trying to increase your mental energy, you need to help bring back the natural, peak processing performance and focused concentration that 40hz synchronized Gamma can deliver. Don’t just take a pill and wait to see if something happens, use a proven science.

Improve memory and mental energy

If you want to maximize your mental performance, The Auragen Light and Sound System can help your brain work better. Whether you’re trying to optimize your memory retention, increase energy, and reduce stress, then Auragen provides a natural solution.


People of all ages are looking for ways to upgrade the brain and body, natural ways to enhance cognitive ability, and experience optimal wellness. If you are looking to achieve peak performance, improve concentration and memory, increase energy, and reduce stress, then Auragen provides solutions.

 Major University Findings

When synchronized Gamma Light and Sound are used it causes the brain to mimic this frequency and enter into natural high concentration and focused state.  )

Real Solutions are Rare

Some supplements promise results but can’t quite deliver, due to the blood-brain barrier. Therapies can be costly and require frequent visits to doctors. In contrast, Auragen combines proven technologies that are safe, drug-free, and effective. 

The Benefit of Auragen

Auragen’s combination of synchronized (visual and auditory) Gamma with advanced Photobiomodulation empowers you to improve cognitive performance all with the convenience and ease of home use… as much as you need and whenever you want!