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    DreamSpa Customers New! Gamma Sound and Light Entrainment and Music

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    its never been more important to
    boost your immune systemand protect your brain health
    its never been more affordable to intergrate the daily renewal into your life

    Reduced to $1499 from $2095
    and a limited $150 special discount for DreamSpa customers only*
    *while supplies last

    If you are an original customer of record and are interested in ordering  the Auragen Light System with Music Tracks and Audio Entrainment for Gamma and Theta contact us for a special discount at:

    Audio Added !

    New audio and music features include:

    Audio entrainment
    for Gamma brainwaves....boost your entrainment experience with synchronized sound and light 

    Music tracks
    with or without entrainment

    Gamma Light and Sound

    Based on the newest advances in brain research, we've added Gamma entrainment

    Research has shown that 40 Hz Gamma,with synchronized light and sound can improve memory recall, and enhance focus and attention

    3 Original Modes

    Three main multiwave DreamSpa modes have not changed

    Renew is still RENEW
    Blue Calm is now  called CALM
    Body Relief is now simply RELIEF

    Trance is now Flicker

    Head and Hands

    Yes ! can, for those of you who enjoyed using the Head and Hand modes, all you have to do is turn on RENEW, turn off Trance (now called Flicker), and reposition the canopy

    Adjustable Intensity

    Some of you have asked for the ability to adjust the intensity of the lights. Here it is!

    Our hope is that everyone eventually uses full intensity for the greatest absorption of biophotons.


    Yvonne Hedeker Cofounder of Light Health Research and Reversal Solutions.
    Yvonne Hedeker Cofounder of Light Health Research and Reversal Solutions.
    Dear Friends and Customers,
    I feel such a wonderful connection with all our DreamSpa customers. Many of you I have spoken with at length and gotten to know you personally. That's been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Its been a a privilege to serve you - DreamSpa has always been a labor of love for us.
    We, at Light Health Research, want you to know how much we have valued and appreciated your loyalty, your willingness to try a new technology, your questions, suggestions, and testimonials.
    The DreamSpa technology is now part of a wonderful new family and team at Reversal Solutions. Rest assured that I am still here for you. All of us at Reversal Solutions are dedicated to continuity of leadership, delivery of a high quality device, reliable performance, personalized support, and ongoing innovation; incorporating of the best and newest discoveries in Photobiomodulation, Wellness, and Neuroscience. For those of you who have been wondering about possible future warranty or repair issues with your DreamSpa, Reversal Solutions will be stepping in to handle those as well.
    I couldn't be more grateful for my new partners and co-founders at Reversal Solutions which include a neuropsychiatrist, a major university brain researcher, and a highly skilled engineering team. We have been working hard to bring you the next generation light device.
    Most exciting are the recent discoveries in neuroscience coming out of major university research labs, that are pointing to ways we can enhance neuroplasticity, neuroprotection, and neurogenesis. As we have all been impacted by the recent health scare, its wonderful to know that science is, at the same time, uncovering the secrets of the brain which will benefit the millions of people struggling with an aging, overtired, and toxic brain. Its gratifying to know that light therapy, complemented with sound therapy, has the potential to become an effective preventive measure and and one of the most efficacious treatment modalities available. Monks and meditators have know this for is catching up.
    In addition to Deep Theta Brainwave Entrainment, Auragen™ is incorporating 40hz Gamma with synchronized Light and Sound. 40hz has been shown in the laboratory tests, with mice, to stimulate recovery of brain function and to be neuroprotective. This research has demonstrated that treatment with 40hz improves blood flow (oxygen and nutrient delivery), enhances neurons, supports mitochondria, and activates microglia gene expression. See our page on Brainwave Entrainment .
    Reversal Solutions is one of the very first to offer this powerful combination of light and sound, and the Auragen System has the added benefit of delivering a therapeutic level of Red and Near-Infrared light to the brain. Both these wavelengths have been shown in many studies, including NIH and VA research, to stimulate repair and recovery from TBI and PTSD. Note that these benefits are based on current research performed by other entities and the results with our Auragen Gamma feature have not been yet measured or published. We wanted to first make this available to customers like you, and then follow up, and expand on these findings, with our own studies.
    As we have been testing the new prototype, I am excited to report that the Gamma sessions have markedly helped me recover brain function and mental clarity from a recent bout with Covid19. Covid can cause a state of confusion. Mine was relatively mild, but still disturbing, So happy to be back to normal, feeling like myself again. Everyone will experience Auragen sessions in their own way and with their own timing, unique to them. Just like with the DreamSpa, the greatest benefits are progressive with regular and consistent use.
    Feel free to contact me, I'm happy to answer any questions for you.
    Warmest Regards, Yvonne