The Reversal Team is dedicated to developing products and methods that utilize the newest scientific and technological advances in aging management and neuroscience.

  We are passionate about giving people safe, natural, and effective ways to alleviate some of the most debilitating conditions of our time:  cognitive decline, physical and mental burn-out, and emotional stress. 

Yvonne Hedeker Cofounder of Light Health Research and Reversal Solutions.

Yvonne Hedeker

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Yvonne brings to Reversal Solutions over 10 years of experience with product development and marketing in consumer Phototherapy.  She is the former CEO and Co-Founder of Light Health Research, developer of the DreamSpa Light System.  As a former CPA in private practice, Yvonne also brings 18 years of business and financial experience. 


Dr. Peter Newsom

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Newsom has 5 Medical Board Certifications.  He is an experienced Adult and Adolescent Psychiatrist,  and is passionate about treating the aging brain.

Dr. Newsom is also an expert in Mindfulness: he has helped patients heal through Mindfulness for over 20 years. Dr. Newsom integrates Mindfulness with cutting edge neurotechnology- Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability, Photobiomodulation, and Brainwave Entrainment.

John FortKort. cropped

John Fortkort

Co-Founder & Legal Council

Mr. Fortkort is a registered patent attorney whose practice includes the preparation of patent applications; domestic and foreign patent prosecution; portfolio development and management; the preparation of patent-related legal opinions,  patent-related transactional work, including the drafting and negotiation of confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, and contracts; patent enforcement, patent litigation, and interference proceedings; and general client counseling in the field of intellectual property. 

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Doris Mullen

Wellness Mental Health Consultant

Doris Mullen is a Licensed Family and Marriage Counselor who brings to Reversal,  her training and specialized experience in working with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

Her focus on the Reversal team is to assist and support the identification of light and sound treatments that produce measurable results in the alleviation of emotional and mental distress.