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    Brainwave Entrancement®

    Benefit from the Auragen difference
    combining photobiomodulation with  Theta  and  Gamma  brainwave technology 
     enhance brain function and prevent decline

    REST and RELAXATION with Theta

    Experience profound well-being,  greater clarity,  creativity,  calm focus,  and improved learning retention with Theta Entrancement. 

    During an Auragen session with Theta Entrancement, your brain and nervous system get to deeply rest and reboot at 5 Hz, while your body fills with nourishing and re-energizing bioactive light. 

    Auragen's Theta Entrancement gently slows down brainwaves from an excited, over active, and  anxious Beta, first to a more relaxed and quiet 10Hz Alpha, then into 8 Hz Theta where you experience profound stress relief. The session culminates with 5Hz Theta, called "the miracle zone". 5 Hz Theta is where the brain can repair and reboot itself.

    Energe refreshed, relaxed, and re-energized!

    MEMORY RECALL and FOCUS with Gamma

    Gamma brainwaves are correlated to peak mental states, high performance, control over one's emotions and actions, enhanced focus and attention. They are abundant in people who tend to be happy and calm.

    Recently Gamma has been in the news as reseachers are expolring the potential of Gamma to promote neurogenesis (regeneration of neurons) and even potentially alleviate and reverse Alzheimer's.

    Neuroscientists believe that Gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain. They have discovered that during meditation, Zen Buddhist monks show an extraordinary synchronization of brain waves known as Gamma Synchrony—a pattern increasingly associated with robust brain function and the synthesis of activity that we call the mind.

    Auragen Gamma Entrancement pulsates both sound and light at a steady and synchronized 40 Hz.  40Hz has been singled out in research has being the one of the most beneficial Gamma frequencies for the brain.

    Benefit from the newest breakthroughs in Neuroscience.

    What are Brainwaves?

    Underlying all thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are waves of  communication between neurons within the brain.  The brain has billions of neurons, and each individual neuron connects to thousands of others. 

    When neurons are activated they produce electrical pulses – like a rippling wave.  This synchronized electrical activity or communication is called a “brainwave”.

    Brainwaves are divided into bandwidths to describe their functions. They can be thought of as a spectrum of consciousness; from slow, loud, functional - to - fast, subtle, and complex.

    Delta  .05-3 Hz - associated with deep dreamless sleep,loss of body awareness
    Theta  3-8 Hz - associated with deep meditation, relaxation, creativity, insight, REM states 
    Alpha 8-12 Hz - associated with calm, relaxed, alert states of mind 
    Beta  12-38 Hz - associated with activity, arousal, busy thinking, active concentration 
    Gamma 38+ Hz- associated with higher thinking, increased perception, problem solving

    What is Entrancement?

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