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    Auragen™ Product Details all of these features are included in one unit!
    Three Multiwave Modes each of the three modes, includes photobiomodulation, selectable brainwave programming, and music

    each of the three modes, includes photobiomodulation, selectable brainwave programming, and music


    Enjoy the benefits of Red and Near-Infrared light therapy. RENEW offers maximum energy renewal, maximum rejuvenation, a more youthful appearance.  

    *Brainwave entrainment available


    For maximum stress relief, to alleviate S.A.D., to improve sleep, enjoy a session with CALM, featuring Blue-Turquoise light therapy. Blue-Turquoise light has been proven to uplift mood by stimulating feel good hormones.

    *Brainwave entrainment available

    Auragen 0179 2989 x 1972


    Feel the systemic difference with RELIEF,  offering a powerful combination of Red, Near-Infrared and Blue-Turquoise light therapy.  Re-energizing and great for a relieving physical stress and fatigue due to exercise, time, or overwork. 

    *Brainwave entrainment available

    Note: RENEW is versatile.  This mode can be used for Head and Hands - use link below

    Brainwave Entrainment

    only Auragen combines Light and Sound Entrainment with Photobiomodulation

    relax and improve cognitive function as your body nourishes with bioactive light

    Light, Sound, and Music components - use individually or combine

    Two Entrainment Programs

    Theta Entrainment offering profound relaxation

    Theta is a meditative brainwave.  Release stress and tension, deeply rest and reboot your brain.   Emerge refreshed and relaxed.

    Gamma Entrainment with syncronized Gamma Sound

    Gamma is correlated to peak mental states, enhanced focus and attention, high performance.  Recover focus and improve memory recall.

    Disctinctive Auragen™ Qualities

    • Professional Grade

      Highest quailty light therapy available for home or office use.  Auragen utilizes over 300 Super LEDs and offers a 17" x 9" treatment area. 

    • Convenient & Easy to Use

      Lightweight and portable at 6lbs and 12"x 12"x 12".  Carrying case and airline luggage available.

    • Flexibilty

      Auragen gives you the flexibility to adjust sound entrainment and music volume and the light intensity level.

    • Safe

      Safe, natural, drug-free regeneration.  Low level light therapy is considered safe for all ages.*
      *children must be able to keep their eyes closed during the seesion

    • 3 Multiwave Programs

      Three proprietary multiwave programs intergating Blue-Turquoise, Red, and Near-Infrared light therapy.

    • Light and Sound brainwave entrainment offered with optional music tracks.  Theta and Gamma entrainment options.

    • Music Tracks

      Eight built in and optional tracks of beautiful music and nature sounds. Use with or without, combine with entrainment, the choices are yours. 

    • Power-Nap!

      Enjoy the uniquely delicious Auragen experience of deep rest and relaxtion as your body nourishes with bioactive light. Emerge refreshed, refocused, re-energized!

    • We are so sure you will fall in love with the way Auragen makes you feel, that we  offer a 90 day money back guarantee, including free return shipping.

    • Auragen comes with a 1 year standard warranty. You have the option to add 1 or 2 years of additional extended warranty if your choose.  

    • Made in the U.S.A.

      Sturdy, strong, reliable, built to last. 12 volt DC adapter, converts automatically to international electrical standards.

    Properties and Benefits of Auragen Three Wavelengths

    Blue-Turquoise, Red, Near-Infrared

    three of the safest, most researched, and beneficial wavelengths 

    Calm Auragen Cropped 1500 x 1300

    Auragen™ Entrainment Modes

    Steady State - No Flicker

    Gamma Flicker

    Theta Flicker

    Auragen 0117 2989 x1972

    Auragen Blue-Turquoise Benefits

    Neurotransmitters e.g. Serotonin

    Uplifting and Calming

    Re-Establishes Circadian Rythms

    Regulates Melatonin Production

    Improves Sleep

    Reverses Jet-Lag

    Alleviates S.A.D.

    Auragen™ Blue-Turquoise 470 nm

    Caution: Blue-Violet 380-450nm

    Overexposure to Blue-Violet light 380-450nm has been linked to the acceleration of  the progression of Macular Degeneration.
    Auragen utilizes only safe Blue-Turquoise at 470 nm.

    Blue-Turquoise Chart Lucid Press cropped 1327 x 1170
    Renew Light Auragen Name 1500 1300

    Auragen™ Entrainment Modes

    Steady State - No Flicker

    Gamma Flicker

    Theta Flicker

    Melissa Renew

    Auragen Red Light Benefits

    Increased Energy

    Relief of Physical Fatigue and Aches

    Systemic Repair and Renewal

    Youthful Appearance

    Auragen™ RED 670 nm

    Repairs and Regenerates

    Red Chart 1327 x 1168
    Relief Auragen Name 1500 1300

    Auragen™ Entrainment Modes

    Steady State - No Flicker

    Gamma Flicker

    Theta Flicker

    Mike Relief

    Auragen Near-Infrared Benefits

    Reverses Fatigue

    Boosts Energy

    Alleviates Physical Exhaustion

    Accelerates Exercise Recovery

    Systemic Repair and Renewal

    Auragen™ NEAR-INFRARED 870nm

    NIR is similar to RED light in the effects it has on the body. Penetrates deeper than RED up to and into bone.

    NIR Chart 1300x 1170

    Versatile Two Position Canopy

    allows users to fully recline, relax, and enjoy the session

    Auragen's RENEW program 
    can be used:

    for Head and Scalp / 
    Beautiful and Healthy Hands


    Auragen Version P1010112 407x 267


    Auragen 0145 407 x 267


     8 Beautiful Music Tracks
    including nature sounds and relaxation tracks
    use with or without audio entrainment

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