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    Auragen Label L and S

    Brainwave Entrainment Two Entrainment Programs

    benefit from the Auragen™  difference combiningphotobiomodulation with

    Theta  and  Gamma  brainwave technology

    Gamma Testimonial

    “I previously owned and used the earlier model of the light box called the “Dream Spa,” which did not include Gamma flicker. That model was also a godsend in its own right for me, really improving my ability to get to sleep and really helping with my general energy, resilience ,and my ability to “let stress bounce off of me.” I also found that if stress built up over time, the Dream Spa helped me become aware of it. If I used the light any time after midafternoon, I could fall very deeply asleep almost immediately, awaking a short time later incredibly refreshed.


    There’s a significant change, for me, using, Auragen, the new model with Gamma flicker. The biggest change comes in the form of mental sharpness. Interesting thing about this, is that before using the Gamma Flicker, I didn’t really feel that I had that much of a problem with mental acuity or with being “on top of it”. With Gamma flicker I notice things more. I notice a lot more of what I have been missing or what I had been putting so far to the side, that it became problematic. Now I am keeping things mentally “within reach”, during my very busy day. By having more immediate access, I am able to remember better, specifically and generally. Projects, responsibilities, and goals no longer slip completely out of mind for such a long period, that I remember when it’s too late. I remember a lot more detail, I have more confidence that comes with that.”

    Peter A, California