Alleviate Brain Fog with a comprehensive solution

benefit from the Auragen™  System's powerful combination of 
two effective technologies for improving brain function

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Problems with concentration
Difficulty with short-term memory
Difficulty putting thoughts together
Inability to remember common words
Trouble organizing and planning 
Trouble working longer hours
Suffering from insomnia 
Difficulty waking up in the morning
The brain feels like a "cotton ball"
Inexplicable anxiety
Feelings of frustration and irritation
Ongoing mental and physical fatigue

What is Brain Fog?

Brain fog is real, and can be debilitating.  But it's not a medical condition, per se.  Rather, it is a symptom of other conditions, that result in short-term or long-term cognitive dysfunction. 

For a very long time, the symptoms of brain fog were misunderstood and went untreated.  At a loss to understand the presenting symptoms, the medical community often ignored and dismissed the patient's complaints as a byproduct of an overactive imagination, an attention-seeking personality, or deeper psychological issues. 


Due to the increasing prevalence of brain fog showing up with a variety of medical conditions, and especially the surprising number of post Covid patients reporting difficulty functioning mentally, the medical community is now paying more attention. Researchers are focusing in, to understand the underlying causative factors and to develop effective treatments and preventative measures. 


Conditions Known to Trigger Brain Fog

Covid 19

Increasingly, Covid survivors are reporting that persistant brain fog is impairing their ability to work and function normally. Current theories postulate that the body’s immune response to the virus doesn’t shut down or  there's inflammation in blood vessels leading to the brain.


"Fibro Fog" is twice as common in people with fibromyalgia (50 to 80 percent ) than in those with other rheumatologic conditions, according to Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology report.


Chemo Brain

Mental cloudiness can be experienced during and after cancer treatment. The exact cause is not known, and can happen at any time during a cancer diagnosis, this mental fog is commonly referred to as chemo brain.


One of the reasons that PTSD causes brain fog is that the brain is not functioning optimally if someone has PTSD.  PTSD increases stress hormones, disrupts sleep, and changes how the prefrontal cortex functions.


Depression is  linked to physical changes in the brain, from inflammation and oxygen restriction, to actual brain shrinkage. Inflammation and reduction in oxygen, can lead to cell death which results in decreased neurotransmitter functioning and reduced neuroplasticity.  

Hormonal Changes

An estimated 60 percent of middle-aged women report difficulty concentrating and other issues with cognition. These issues spike in women going through perimenopause.  During perimenopause  hormone levels can fluctuate wildly and cause a range of symptoms .

What Causes Brain Fog?

Brain inflammation is considered to be a key culprit in several kinds of mental dysfunction, including brain fog.  Additional factors such as toxins that we are exposed to in the environment or as a side effect of medications, lack of oxygen, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, can overwork or suppress our brain's immune system and its abiltiy to bounce back.

What Treatments are Available?

To date, recommended  treatments include medications (which in and of themselves, can sometimes cause brain fog), nutritional supplements, improved diet, a better sleep schedule, more exercise, and the utilization of  compensatory strategies and resources, such timers and reminder lists. Important and helpful as each of these can be, unfortunately, none of them is a panacea.

Supplements, medication (some of which can also cause brain fog), and a healthy diet all need viable and unobstructed pathways to the cells and neurons of the brain, as well as, brain cells that are able to absorb and utilize the substances being offered. Poor sleep, in and of itself, is frequently a part of brain fog.  Exercise too, is sometimes not an treatment option, since significant fatigue and weakness can also accompany brain fog. 

Clearly, there is a need for ways to help the brain recover.  In essence, we first have to find a way to give back to the brain the resources it requires to repair and renew itself, just as it naturally does when its healthy.  Why wait to try something that can help now...

Auragen Label 150 x 101

Auragen™ Light and Sound System an effective and non-invasive way to help the brain in its recovery

Auragen incorporates the newest neuroscience discoveries,
from MIT* and Georgia Tech, improving brain function  -
40 Hz Gamma Synchronization


Auragen delivers technology used in joint successful VA and NIH studies, alleviating Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD - 
Red and Near-Infrared Photobiomodulation

* results based on published mice studies, human studies have been underway since January 2020.

Trew Under Canopy 7 flipped cropped

Auragen can make a difference! because benefits are progressive and include:

Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus

Improved Memory Recall

Improved Concentration and Attention

Significant Stress Relief

Relaxation Response

Elevated Mood

Improved Sleep

Auragen offers technologies that show promise with:

Activation of microglia: the brain's immune system 

Improved blood flow

Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients 

Enhanced mitochondrial functioning: cellular energy

Neuron Enhancement


Cellular Repair and Regeneration 

 emerge with a rested and refreshed brain

experience greater functionality

Gamma Entrainment Mice Study Findings

current mice studies at major universities have show that
synchronized Gamma light and sound delivered these results 

Brain Function Recovery
Brain Function Recovery
Improved Blood Flow
Improved Blood Flow
Neuron Enhancement
Neuron Enhancement
Microglia Gene Activation
Microglia Gene Activation

Auragen Gamma Testimonials

“I previously owned and used the earlier model of the light box called the “Dream Spa,” which did not include Gamma flicker. That model was also a godsend in its own right for me, really improving my ability to get to sleep and really helping with my general energy, resilience ,and my ability to “let stress bounce off of me.” I also found that if stress built up over time, the Dream Spa helped me become aware of it. If I used the light any time after midafternoon, I could fall very deeply asleep almost immediately, awaking a short time later incredibly refreshed.


There’s a significant change, for me, using, Auragen, the new model with Gamma flicker. The biggest change comes in the form of mental sharpness. Interesting thing about this, is that before using the Gamma Flicker, I didn’t really feel that I had that much of a problem with mental acuity or with being “on top of it”. With Gamma flicker I notice things more. I notice a lot more of what I have been missing or what I had been putting so far to the side, that it became problematic. Now I am keeping things mentally “within reach”, during my very busy day. By having more immediate access, I am able to remember better, specifically and generally. Projects, responsibilities, and goals no longer slip completely out of mind for such a long period, that I remember when it’s too late. I remember a lot more detail, I have more confidence that comes with that.”

Peter A, California

"I personally found that the Auragen Gamma feature made the biggest difference in recovering my mental abilities after a bout with Covid. I experienced difficulty focusing and organizing thoughts, both during and even after my other symptoms left. I noticed a significant improvement after just the first Auragen Gamma session I had after Covid.

I continue to use it daily as it helps when my brain is tired or I simply want to have greater focus and concentration. After all the other great benefits that I have been enjoying for years, with the prior version of the light, i.e. more energy, younger looking skin, stress relief etc. I never expected to again experience such a dramatic improvement.

I am blessed to be part of this company delivering a ground breaking new technology for a group of symptoms that until now have not responded well to other treatment strategies. I understand, first hand how impaired a life is with diminished brain function and I am ecstatic that I am steadily getting my brain back!"

Yvonne H. California

Auragen Advantage in Gamma Delivery

designed based on latest neuroscience findings

Gamma Head Page Insert 1000 x765

Optimal Delivery

The Auragen System utilizes proven pathways to the brain: visual and the auditory cortex

Melissa with Headphones Auragen logo 1000 x 795+

Optimal Frequency

Auragen synchronizes the brain to an endogenous (native to the brain)  frequency: 40Hz Gamma  

combinded Visual and Auditory 1000 x 795

Optimal Effect

Delivering synchronized 40Hz stimulation produces the greatest effect on the brain

Monk Gamma

Gamma Synchrony

Gamma has been  correlated to peak mental states and high performance

Auragen Advantage - Users Experience

designed to provide the best and most effective user experience

Trew Under Canopy 1000 x 795

Focused Delivery

NIR and Red light is also delivered to the frontal lobes and parietal lobes 

red and NIR

Deep Penetration

Red light penetrates deep into tissue, Near-Infrared can go further: to and through bone

Rotating Canopy 1000 x 795

Rotating Canopy

Tilting hinge to allow user to easily enter and lie down for a restful session

Audio-Gamma-dials-2 - v2

Adjustable Volume

Music can be played in parallel to initially help soften the Gamma audio 

try it risk free 
with our 90 day full money back guarantee

Three Multi Light Wave Programs 
Blue-Turquoise, Red, and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

300+ High Radiance LEDs

Light and Sound Brainwave Entrainment

Two Entrainment Modes:

Gamma - Improve Brain Function

Theta - Deeply Rest and Relax

8 Beautiful Music/Nature Tracks

Two Position Rotating Canopy

Lightweight and Portable at 6lbs.

Treatment Area 17"x 9"

Made in the USA

1 Year Warranty - Extended Warranty Available