Light and The Human Body

How Can Light Be So Significant?

All life is powered by light. The Sun is the ultimate source of all our energy. Just like plants we are designed to absorb and utilize light.

According to Fritz Albert Popp, biophysicist and researcher:

"Each second, some 100,000 chemical reactions occur in a given cell….light acts as the communicator that makes the reactions happen at the right moment and in the right place” 

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...and there is still something missing: it's bioactive light, an essential nutrient for the human body

Just as plants need sunlight to thrive, human beings need the right kinds of light to maintain health and well-being. 

According to a recent study by the Harvard School of Pubic Health
Americans spend 95% of their time indoors.   

We are chronically deficient all year long.  

We spend too much time indoors, under the wrong kinds of lights,
often the types of light that deplete and harm us.

We have become so used to this way of life, we dont even notice what we are missing. 
And when our health and well-being suffer, we don't even make the connection. 
Sadly, when
 on the rare ocassion we are outside, the sudden overexposure can make even healthy sunlight harmful. 

How Does Phototherapy Work?

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Phototherapy is the application of an artificial light source to stimulate a therapeutic effect. It is a recognized field, which studies photobiomodulation (the photo biological effects of light).

Auragen modulated phototherapy incorporates the generation of light by LEDs (light emitting diodes) in the visible and infrared range. The photons produced by Auragen LEDs are absorbed by the body through the skin, eyes and acupuncture points, where fiber optic fibers of connective tissue conduct the light to deeper tissues. By taking advantage of the optical properties of biological tissues, the proper wavelengths of light can be provided, absorbed and used by the body to activate metabolic functions (especially to create energy).

Phototherapy has the capacity to enhance the body’s natural electrodynamic field (biofield), which is both electric and magnetic in nature.  The Biofield is a template organizing structures in repair, regeneration and reproduction. This field serves as a communication system for signaling and regulation of metabolic processes. It also functions as a power grid to provide the energy necessary for the enzyme-mediated chemical reactions,  that are essential to our metabolism.

Human cells are activated by fundamental particles of light called photons. Light and all forms of electromagnetic energy travel as bundles of energy, called photons.  Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for this discovery, called the photoelectric effect.

Phototherapy devices work by emitting photons, which when absorbed trigger a series of biological changes within the body. The biological effect created in humans and other organisms by phototherapy devices, is dependent on the wavelength of the photons and the amount of energy absorbed. The electronic and optical properties of tissue create windows that only allow certain ranges and amounts of electromagnetic energy to be absorbed.

Auragen is designed to produce an optimal amount of photons that can be absorbed by the body through the skin and acupuncture points. The circulatory system and fiber optic properties of connective tissue conduct the photons throughout the body. 

Phototherapy activates cell membranes by increasing the cell membrane’s natural charge, which is known as membrane potential. These energies will be conducted from the membrane into the cell by means of an intracellular cytoskeleton network of  proteins. Many of these protein structures have both fiber optic and semi conduction properties.

Photon energies of the right wavelengths are absorbed by cell membranes and enzyme complexes stimulating tissue regeneration. Absorption of light by these structures creates harmonic inductance, meaning these structures will resonate sympathetically with the wavelengths of light, creating  beneficial effects on the enzyme systems of the body.

The initial molecular effect in phototherapy is the absorption of light by specific molecules or molecular complexes. The target molecules will vary depending on the tissue stimulated. In plants, the target is often chlorophyll. In mammalian cells, the  respiratory chain includes enzymes (cytochromes) which are able to absorb photon energy. 

Specific structures within a cell can abosorb different wavenghts (colors) of light, resulting in an increase cellular production of ATP (the energy molecule of the body) and an increase in cellular metablism. This process expedites cell repair, regeneration and activates the vascular, lymphatic, nervous, and immune systems. In this way phototherapy helps the body achieve a greater optimization in the regulatory functions of the body and improved health.

Light absorption by cellular molecules results in the transformation of photon energy into biochemical energy. Science has identified a number of cellular activities as being enhanced including cell replication, cell metabolism, protein synthesis, ATP production, mitochondrial replication, phagocytosis, and photo dissociation of oxygenated hemoglobin.

Tissue effects include capillary formation, parasympathetic nervous system stimulation, increased endorphin release, increased production and release of adrenal steroids, reduction in pain and inflammation, reduction of tissue edema, immune system stimulation, and enhanced fibroblastic production, and collagen synthesis, accelerating wound healing.

The Auragen System is built utilizing the newest and best scientific technological research available, based on proprietary studies and over 40 years of research by others, including NASA, the NIH, National Institute of Science, MIT, in the fields of Photobiomodulation, cellular communication, tissue optics, brain health, wellness, and aging management medicine.

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Not All Phototherapy Devices Are Created Equal


Auragen has been designed to engulf the body in a field of specific bioactive wavelengths. It uses proprietary programming and light emitting diodes to generate different combinations of light wavelengths and pulses. The computer generates and controls a matrix of signals that plays over the body, activating metabolic functions and beneficially stimulating the brain. Users experience the sessions as restful and energizing. 

Auragen delivers three types of effects:

Photothermal Effect

Generates heat by vibrating the molecules of tissue, thus relaxing tissues and allowing capillaries to dilate. Blood flow with nutrients and oxygen is improved and your system is re-energized.

Photomechanical Effect

Photons of light penetrate the skin colliding with the molecules of the body tissues below the skin’s surface.  There are approximately ten thousand collisions before the photon releases its energy.  This mechanism has a relaxing effect on  muscles, joints and tissues, and promotes a sensation of profound stress reduction.

Photoelectric Effect

Photons deliver an electric charge to the cells - recharging the cells just like a battery.

The Energy Effect of an Auargen Session

The Auragen System makes use of the body's natural ability to absorb and utilize bioactive light.  The circulatory system and the acupuncture meridians absorb and transport subatomic light (photons) through out the body. The fiber-optic properties of connective tissue can then disburse the photons to cell membranes. Our cells absorb and utilize this radiant energy to create more cellular energy.  


The energy effect of a typical session is captured with true Kirilian photography. This is not aura photography.


Before the session, low body energy is evident in the top photograph of fingertips. After just one session the body is clearly re-energized!

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Light therapy should not be used by individuals with a history, or family history of photosensitive seizures.