We all have those moments when we look around and realize life is not working, the way we’re living  isn’t working. 
According to a growing body of research, burnout  is not something we can just ignore.  It is a significant issue with dire consequences. As we push through the whirlwind demands of our busy lives, it can be hard for us to recognize the symptoms  of burnout before they reach a critical point in our physical and mental health, productivity, relationships. 
Here are 13 tell-tale signs that you are suffering from burnout:
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Losing your "voice"
  • Feeling like you are always failing
  • Taking everything personally
  • Exhaustion despite regular sleep
  • Restarting a bad habit
  • Unexplained pain
  • Constantly bored
  • "Flat" dreams
  • Frequent head colds
  • Dizziness and headaches
  • Being hurtful to others